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Vintage Signs Retro Decor and Rustiness
Hand painted signs have had a huge comeback in the last few years.
Creating a unique and highly individual style for your projects.
Calling on old skills, such as marbling, wood graining and gold leaf,
this is a welcome relief from vinyl lettering.
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Our latest project in Exmouth. The project was to create an interior that looked like it had been used for many years to compliment the overall theme of the new pub.
By creating patina on the doors and fittings it gave the desired effect. Using chalk paints which work well in this type of work, it took many hours and lots of layers.
Several techniques were employed to artificially wear the paint work down.
We like to think it was a valuable contribution to the theme.
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For commercial work and vehicle lettering.
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We also offer a full range of vinyl signage and van livery to suit every need.

A little rush job for the BBC - needed a sign in an hour and a half - had to look like it had been out in the weather for a while. The Coroner was being filmed in Totnes and Devon.

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This hand painted sign has been lettered in chalk paints to give a driftwood/beach effect. It gives a good visual using text as artwork.
Obviously I’m a big fan of text as artwork !

A few samples of our work traditional and vinyl

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